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Cartooning Online with Adult Students

Page history last edited by Leecy Wise 10 years, 7 months ago


Online Cartooning with Adult Students

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leecy Wise, 4CPDRC


Cartooning, through comic strips or other means, provides an ideal tool for engaging visual learners, those people who comprise huge numbers in our programs. They are the non-linguistic, non-mathematical types that come to us hoping for help. Through comics, we can put language and math into context so that learners can better perform in those areas.


Cartoons invite laughter – a huge, contributing  ingredient in learning. Cartoons invite creativity – a huge, contributing  ingredient in learning. Cartoons engage the senses, the emotions -  huge, contributing  ingredient in learning.


GED students can use cartoons to illustrate social, economic and political messages. ABE, Family Literacy, and ESL students can use cartoons to express language and solve problems.


The following resources will give you an introduction on how to create cartoons online.



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