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Four Interactive Projects in Excel

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Lunch and Learn
1/22/10, Noon to 1PM
Four Interactive EXCEL Projects for ESL/ABE/Family Literacy Students
Leecy Wise, 4CPDRC, CDE/AEFL

Explore examples of interactive activities.

·         Heart rate

·      Baby growth chart

·      How many ways to state equations

·      Basic Literacy

·      Matching terms

·      Interactive Maps

·      Interactive Puzzle

·      Visual Fractions
Estimate a Trip Costw/Instructions
Vizualizing Fraction w/Instructions
Counting Money w/Instrucitons


Create four projects:

1.    1.  Match items.

2.    2.  Estimate a trip cost. (Instructions added)

3.   3.  Create an interactive puzzle.

4.   4.  Create an interactive fractions chart. (Instructions added)




On your wiki:

·         http://chiresources.pbworks.com/Excel-2007-I - The basics

·         http://chiresources.pbworks.com/Using-Excel-with-Adult-Learners - Lots of links

·         http://chiresources.pbworks.com/Create-Charts-in-Excel - Lunch and Learn 12/10: Three Interactive Excel Charts

Other Sites

·         http://www.microsoft.com/Education/DisplayFractions.aspx - Change decimals to fractions. Video included.

·         http://www.microsoft.com/Education/CreateTimeline.aspx - Create a timeline. Video included.

·         http://www.vertex42.com/ExcelTemplates/ - Huge list of free Excel templates.

·         http://www.microsoft.com/education/default.mspx - Microsoft Education offers many tutorials, lesson plans, and resources for using Office applications.

·         http://www.teacherlink.org/content/math/interactive/interactiveexcel.html - Downloadable interactive Projects for students.

·         Ratio

·         Fraction Pie

·         Coins and Dice

·         Projectile Motion

·         Maximzing Area Equation Forms Fibonacci Normal Distribution

·         Sequence



·         http://www.northcanton.sparcc.org/~technology/excel/ - You’ll enjoy downloading these pre-made activities for your students.

·         http://www.microsoft.com/education/CreatePictograph.aspx -You can enhance a chart or graph to make it easier for students to understand data relationships by converting it to a pictograph—a graph with pictures. Office Excel 2007 stretches or stacks pictures to represent the values being graphed.




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