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MS Power Point 2007 I

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Lunch and Learn

May 29, 2009



Moving from 2003 to 2007 – http://www.chiresources.pbworks.com



Review all wiki resources







Discuss Courses


Quick Reference Card

Ribbon, tabs/ groups and buttons/commands (and the Launcher for more options).Rest on each one for description.



·         Create and save a document. (Save as extension choices)

·         Right hand view options

·         Home -> Slides and Drawing

·         Insert -> Illustrations, Links, Media Clips, Photo Albums

·         Design -> Themes and Background

·         Animations -> Custom Animations

·         Slide Show -> Set Up Show, Record Narration, Rehears Timings

·         Review

·         View Developer

Review the many resources for using PP with students at http://chiresources.pbworks.com/Interactive-Power-Point


If you are an AEFLA-funded program, you may request a copy of a Power Point Presentation on using Power Point 2007 and a Power Point Basic Quick Reference sheet from CNET Networks, Inc . Contact leecy@pinons.org. Use the Subject line “Request Word PP.”


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