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Introduction to Your Moodle

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Lunch and Learn

Introduction to Moodle Features

June 12, 2009

Leecy Wise




What is Moodle How Does It Tootle?



·       http://docs.moodle.org/en/Main_Page - Home (Explore Links)



·       http://docs.moodle.org/en/Teacher_documentation - New at this Moodle thing? The "Getting started" page gives a general overview of all the features of a course. There are lots of internal links that will allow you to expand your knowledge.



·       Using Moodle by Cole and Foster (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/legalcode Permission) - Download at http://docs.moodle.org/en/Using_Moodle_book



Sample Sites




http://ictpd.net/moodle/  ->  Moodler’s Guide to Atomic Learning

http://webapps.tiu.edu/moodle/course/view.php?id=161 - Sample Blank



Our site



http://moodle.fourcornerslearning.org/ - Home (Enter LL Moodle with a password: comoodle.)

Examine features and techniques for adding content and block options.



Tips for Online Learningforums, clear navigation, clear directions, rubrics, and gaming lessons (many small rewards, unlimited # of quiz attempts and homework submission with deadlines enforced.)



Video Tutorials on Moodle




Your Assignment (if you choose to accept it):



  1. Self  enroll in your LL Moodle Course, using “comoodle” as your key, and respond once to the assignment and the forum prompt.

  2. Enter the Comments Forum and enter a question or comment regarding what you learned today.




Enjoy Moodling!


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