Interactive Power Point


Interactive PowerPoint Student Activities

(February 6, Lunch and Learn Session. Leecy Wise)


Objective: Using PP 2003 -(1) examine pre-made activities that help students learn language and math, and (2) create one group activity to be used with specific student populations.


Session activities: We'll review the basics of Power Point 2003. ( Click on the "Moving to Office 2007" link on the first page of this wiki to access transition tips into 2007.) We'll go over the interactive tools in PP and observe how they work. We'll go visit some of the hundreds of interactive shows that are online to be used "as is," or modified for adult students and topics. We'll create a short interactive quiz together. You'll go back to your computer and have your students create an activity, based on what you've learned. You will (Please?) share that activity with others by sending me the file through email. LET'S BOOGIE!


NOTE: Run into glitches? Contact me. We'll learn together!


Workshop Resources


Create an Interactive Presentation - Word File

Insert Interaction in PowerPoint - Word File


GENERAL Guides and Templates - Click on the list at the bottom of the page to open step-by-step instructions on how to add interactivity to your slides. The tutorial on using the VGA Toolbox is really cool if you want to write on the slide during the show. - This is a superb site, with links to all sorts of assistance using Office tools. The Power Point resources are no different. Lots of tutorials, transition guide from 03 to 07, and more. To add interaction, scroll down to the Advanced tutorial. Keep scrolling and you’ll find a huge list of additional resources on other web sites. Cool and helpful! and - Very simple templates for child literacy, which can be easily changed for adult content. - Find instructions, projects and template on this helpful site. - Lots of shows to download. Created by students, so I would use them as templates to reformat and spiff up for your students. - Lots and lots of links and resources. Check out the different disciplines! Each one takes you to multiple links around that topic. - Music Education in PP


GAMES AND QUIZZES - Scroll down to PP Templates to games, book report, jigsaw, lesson ideas and more. - Lots and lots of links and resources. Check out the different disciplines! Each one takes you to multiple links around that topic. - Create a quiz game in PP - This site was entered above for other resources. If you scroll to the bottom, you will find dozens of added links to games as well. – Super simple instructions for a quiz. You can adapt the steps to adult students.



Jeopardy - This site has a blank template for jeopardy. It also has a long list of jeopardy games that have been created in different topics. (Go to the very bottom of the page to download the template and find instructions.)


Group Work: We'll create a very simple quiz together.



After the session take a few minutes to reflect on what you've learned. Outline an interactive activity that your students can create and share. Give them the instructions. Let them loose! 


1. Complete a Jeopardy template on a topic of study and play it with other students.

2. Create a presentation that includes a dialog, which is read through a sound clip created by the student.

3. Create an illustrated tutorial with links to the Web on something the student is learning “HOW TO” do.

4. Create a "My Life" PP photo album with images that represent the author.

5. Create a quiz on an assigned topic for research. Have the student teach the topic using a presentation and give the quiz to the class.


Like Excel's tools, use them to create activities that are limited only by your students' imaginations. That means, there are no limits!