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Excel 2007 I

Page history last edited by Leecy Wise 11 years, 6 months ago


Lunch and Learn

May 22, 2009


Moving from 2003 to 2007 – http://www.chiresources.pbworks.com




Discuss Courses







Quick Reference Card



Interactive Guide to switch from 2003


Downloadable presentations-  Review

Ribbon, tabs/ groups and buttons/commands (and the Launcher for more options).Rest on each one for description.

·         Create and save a document. (Save as extension choices)

·         The workbook, grid and tabs (top and bottom)

·         TABS-Categories-Buttons

·         Formulas (add, average)

·         Charts (bar and pie options and examples)

·         Cell Format: fractions, decimals, percentages

·         Styles (Appearance and Rules)

·         Review (Comments for puzzles and maps)


While you are on our State Wiki, Click on the Excel workshop links, which have several other resources to get your students using Excel!

If you are an AEFLA-funded program, you may request a copy of a Power Point Presentation on using Excel 2007 and a Excel Basic Quick Reference sheet from CNET Networks, Inc . Contact leecy@pinons.org. Use the Subject line “Request Excel PP.”


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